Hi! My name is Emma. I'm a high schooler who is obsessed just a little (a lot) with nail art. I do my nails about once a week. I also love photography, music and God! Feel free to ask questions, reblog or like and don't forget to follow! I would appreciate any feedback on my nail designs! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Jeremiah 29:11~ personal: photography:
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Hello People of Tumblr! I am alive, in case you were wondering ;) I got super busy after school ended with my new job, but things are finally starting to calm down and I am going to try and post on here more often! These are from way back in May and I really like how they turned out! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!

totally lacking any inspiration or ideas for nails. if you have any ideas, send me an ask, anonymous is on! :)

Sooo…this week I did a vintagey floral design. There are a bunch out there, and I just love it so much. I feel like it’s a classic that doesn’t really get old. Hope you guys love it

Happy Easter!! The King is risen! I saw this bunny in this picture. There’s a tutorial too but I didn’t realize that till now :) Enjoy this day!!

This is like super late, I know it’s spring now. But still. I like these. :) Got the idea from this tutorial.

Floral nails! I seriously love how these came out. Give it a shot here!

Hey guys! Happy late Valentine’s Day! I apologize for the delay of this, my computer won’t let me post to tumblr :( I’m using a different computer than I normally do to get this to you guys! Anyways, I think these are so cute! I got the idea from this. Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely! <3

Inauguration day nails! This was done with my new Konad stamper that I got for Christmas! I really love how they turned out :)

Cherry Blossom nails! I really love these and they were pretty easy to do! (from a month ago?) Enjoy! :)